Our Safety

Safety – every site, every day
Safety is our Top Priority

Our Commitment towards Safety Policy

  •   Zero Fatalities
  •   Zero Injuries
  •   Zero Motor Vehicle Accidents
  •   Zero Environmental Emissions

Security Safety Induction

  •   Visitors must register their entry
  •   Issuance of visitors pass
  •   Frisking
  •   Security safety induction on Emergency Evacuation & following traffic signs
  •   Briefing on Dos & Don'ts for the truck drivers

Safety Controls

  •   No Smoking inside warehouse premises.
  •   No eatables inside warehouse storage area.
  •   Child labour prohibited inside the warehouse premises. Wearing of helmet compulsory for two wheeler riders Placing of truck chokers
  •   Wearing helmet compulsory for all in work.

Electrical Safety

  •   Ensure outlets function
  •   Install and maintain high-visibility lights

Workspace Safety

  •   Clear aisles to remove tripping hazards
  •   Avoid slip and fall hazards by immediately cleaning spills
  •   Make sure all work areas are kept clear of clutter

Fire Safety

  •   Remove any and all fire hazards
  •   Make sure extinguishers are easily accessible and in working condition
  •   Clearly mark all exits
  •   Make sure exits are free of obstructions

Hazardous Material Safety

  •   Make sure eyewash stations are in working order
  •   Clearly label all chemicals
  •   Make sure the MSDS for all chemicals are readily available to all employees

Safety Initiatives in KKP
from you

Safety Week Celebrations and Mock Drill

“Safety and productivity cannot be separated - so keep them together”

Safety Week Event-3

Classroom session for employees on Safety


Safety Week Event-4

Event on handling safety equipments


Mock Drill Event-3

Employee operating fire extinguisher after training.


Mock Drill Event-4

Emergency Evacuation Exercise conducted once in everfy 6 months


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